If you use navigation components extensively to swap out and in your fragments, as Google recommended, you probably have encountered this error more than a few times:

Of course, there are times this error occurs(mostly during development phases) because you actually referenced a wrong action, in this case, it’s a simple solution: use the right action. My focus here is about those other times where you did everything right and it works but for some reason, you sometimes experience a crash or see logs on Crashlytics or other crash-reporting tool caused by this issue. …

Some users on an app I built complained that when they selected their birth date, the date displayed(and subsequently submitted to the backend) was always off by 1 day. It, however, worked fine for me.

It happened to a few other users so a pattern was established; it definitely had to be an error from my end. Since it worked fine for me, I had to narrow down possible differences between those users’ environment and mine. One stuck out: Timezone. They were all in Canada.

Debugging to find the cause

I tried to reproduce the error by changing my device timezone to Canada Vancouver(GMT-8). A…

There are times when you will have to design the text in the image above. Maybe you want the “here” and “terms and conditions” texts to open different screens when clicked. The first time I had to, I used 4 TextViews: one for “Click”, one for “here”, the third for “ to accept the” and the last for “terms and conditions”. It looked fine and to be honest, I heard no complaints so… 🤷‍♂.

The above-described method has limitations. Say, for instance, your app is translated in 5 or more languages and you want the language equivalents of “here” and…

You have probably had times (or maybe this is that time) when you had to embed a Recyclerview in a layout containing other views and you wanted to whole layout to scroll.

For most, the first instinct is to use a Recyclerview to display the list data and then wrap the entire layout with a Scrollview, since you want the whole page to scroll. Like this:

This might seem right but it actually is not: the scrolling behaviour leaves much to be desired. See gif below:

jerky scroll

Observe closely, the scroll is not smooth, it drags. This is not the…

There is almost no serious android application that does not use fragments except the serious thing about the app is that it does not use fragments (Ha! rhymes 😀).

Okay seriously, I have had to work with fragments more times than I can remember and had to endure the pain of getting the right navigation flow for the apps I worked on. This is a short documentation of the flows I have learnt along the way. I hope to learn more and I hope someone learns from this. …

I have seen lots of android apps with not-so-good user experience when it comes to editing entered amounts and to be honest, I have contributed my fair share to this as well. In case you are wondering what I mean, see gif below

bad user experience

The problem: The cursor should always be kept in place when users make edits but in the above gif, it is not; it moves to the end each time a user makes an edit, the poor user now has to re-position the cursor 🤦‍ 🤦‍

I chose to have a go at it and I think I…


I will like to believe every user loves apps that can do so much for them and at the same time take as little memory space as possible (if this is not true then I just succeeded in wasting my time and probably yours ha!). As android developers, we want to add as many features(that we think users would love) as possible to our apps but as we do this, we need to keep an eye out on the apk size as it is one of the major reasons users that can cause users to uninstall/not install our precious apps.

credits: pinterest.com

Okay! time to be honest, prior to my enrollment into Andela’s Android Learning Community (ALC) I had already written and published two android applications to Google playstore plus some others I did for people so yeah, I could say I was an android developer then, but of what quality??

I saw a post from Moyinoluwa Adeyemi on facebook about the ALC program, I almost skipped it because I thought it was exclusively for the ladies but as fate would have it, my curiosity exceeded my doubts; I clicked the link and registered and the rest was AWESOMENESS

This is my first medium post! I thought it would be about android development instead it is ME(personal) development.

Little introduction: I am an android developer. I just finished university education and got a job as an android developer about a month ago and this brought about a major change: Most of the ME time I enjoyed vanished. I am an introvert hence I really needed my free time to think, learn and engage in other hobbies I enjoy. Thus began my search for ways to carve out my ME time.

I was concerned about how my day was spent…

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